I drew a Scoots and I played around with the shading some more. It’s kind of ugly in spots but I had fun with it

Also in hindsight the cobweb shading is pretty dumb but it was kind of fun to mess with I guess?



I should probably post this (it’s updated)

reblogging because i updated the post and forgot to do it

Yellow is a cool friend and a good artist so go give her your shekels please

when the problem is worse after my bugfix


/* by Antero Santos */

Anonymous asks: Tumblr kind of has the same problem of shoving in shiny new content rather than fixing things. It's just... That isnt how to handle a website, or an online game, or whatever, and its going to bite them in the ass later.
alllevelsatonce's original answer:

I kinda like Tumblr (as an idea, not a community…) because of how simple it is. It’s a very well designed and streamlined approach to a social media site. Karp was somewhat ahead of his time, because this whole “organic/minimalist, niagra falls scrolling, barely-any-buttons, flat colors” site design only started a few years ago. (Examples: 1 2 3 4 5).

Tumblr actually does an okay job at not bloating their software. There’s no mafia wars, top friends, convoluted privacy api, premium accounts, custom advertising, weird gif smileys, or weird ways of reorganizing your dashboard because there’s too many widgets to fit on it. Tumblr doesn’t implement their own blacklist probably because someone else already did. A site like Facebook tries very hard to break unofficial plugins and would want to be the defining authority on everything that relates to how you experience their site. Sometimes there’s Tumblr updates that blow… but they take away features a couple times a year too. Remember that thing a few years back where you could pay to pin your post at the top of everyone’s dash? Or the time when there was a difference between marking your blog nsfw and adult. There’s been some weird stuff passing through this site that I’m glad is over.

But the video player sucks and so does fanmail.

I think I was going somewhere with this drawing, but then I changed my mind and just did the lines for the one horse.


Oh! hai!


Oh! hai!



White privilege is never having to spell your last name.

you… you’ve never met a polish person have you

I’ve had to either spell out or demonstrate pronunciation for my last name to every person I’ve ever met

Anonymous asks: Just a question: Where did you get the name Red Enchilada from?

I drew things a lot differently than I usually do this time for the sake of experimenting. Mainly practicing soft shading, though I also tried some posing practice and color balancing in post. I guess it turned out okay.

Also, my Tumblr has 1,111 posts as of this one. Neat?

I went and poked around one of those draw threads on /mlp/ and someone requested Berry in a jester’s hat. I did it. I drew something for once.


this is honestly my favorite post